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Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King have made Important contributions
to the people of the United States. Name another world leader you think Is Important. Give specific reasons for your Choice.

In my opinion, the most important world leader is Chinggis khan who was the great king of Mongolia in 13th century. He is our pride, role model of great person, one of the founder of Mongolia in our history. Chinggis khan has brave and powerful vision who has defeated other countries and united the great Mongolian empire. Moreover, he had spread the name “Mongolia” by his own life.

Chinggis khan was courageous person who fight against others to save his family. For instance, when he was a nine years old, he lost his father who was the leader of the country to foreign powerful soldiers. So he decided to be a great soldier and lived in the river side all alone through winter time. Also, when he was 19 years old, he gathered his friends and colleagues which was start of his soldiers. Then 2 years later, he started to unite small part troops or parts of Mongolia and built great army and country which later invaded half of the world including Turkey, Hungary and China etc.

He had made the name “Mongolia” famous and well known. In today’s world, we can meet someone who named himself as a child of Chinggis khan or Mongolian. Also, we had a lot of great stories about Chinggis khan which is stated in “secret history”. By Chinggis khan, we gather interest of so many tourists and travelers. Interestingly, we had a statue of Chinggis khaan, square of Chinggis khan, Chinggis khan airport, even Chinggis vodka and beer. In addition, If someone visits our country, he/she definitely should go to the hometown of the Chinggis khan and great statue of Chinggis khan which is very big and high. From that statue, You can see unlimited wide, spacious place, blue sky and nomadic life of Mongolians so on and so forth.

In every country, people had their hero, leaders and person who made great effort to their history or achieved great success. Like all countries, We Mongolians have our hero and legend who is Chinggis khaan. We proud of his brave adventurous life, establishment of empire of Mongolia and his contribution to our history. We will always remember and proud of our legendary king Chinggis khan.

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All people in the world know that Chinggis khan was a murderer. He invaded a lot of countries including Iran. He killed many innocent people in his invasions. His aim was not humanity and justice. His aim was to capture other countries and kill other people, because he liked to do so. I think he had a really bad effect on the development of the humanity. For example, when he invaded Iran, he commanded his soldiers to set many libraries on fire, and kill many Iranian scientists. Alexander was more open-minded than him. The reason for being, that he first commanded that books should be translated into Greece and then set them on fire.

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