An English lesson based on BBC, CNN, VoA, Euronews

I am an educator from Minsk. Advise me please how I can conduct an English lessons based on BBC, CNN, VoA, Euronews information about the presidential elections in Belarus in the best possible way. I recorded all information on video-tapes.

Hello Igor, there are lots of activities you can create around your film materials and I’m sure other professionals will relate their ideas. Here is what I’d suggest:

  • have your students come up with keywords that describe the elections (this could be some kind of brainstorming where you allow them 5 to 10 minutes to think of the all the words and word combinations that somehow relate to the elections)

  • collect and organize the material (you can use a whiteboard to write all the keywords your students have thought and then you put them into categories [idioms related to elections, institutions, adjectives, persons, verbs etc.]

  • add keywords that are actually contained in the film your students are going to watch (make sure they know all these words and explain the meaning where necessary)

  • watch the film together one time

  • collect general feedback from your students

  • create listenting comprehension questions and dictate them to your students

  • watch the film again and have them answer the questions

  • start an open discussion

As I said, there are probably many more ideas.
Best regards