By adding the appropirate amounts of sugar, jams and jellies can made from any fruit.

In this sentences one of underlined wold is not good. It is obvious that using past particible after model is mistaken. But I am confused about amounts used in the sentence. Should -s be used after the word of amount? Thanks in advance.

“can made” is obviously wrong (should be “can be made”), but I don’t understand what you mean by “past participle after model”.*

“amount” and “amounts” are both acceptable here. The plural is justified when you consider that different amounts are needed for different fruits.

“appropirate” is wrong, but I assume that is your typo.

*[edited] It occurred to me later that you might mean “modal”?

My remark reffer to a simple rule that after modal such as should, would, can verb must be used base form. So it was just my typing error as in writing of appropriate. Thanks for your help Dozy.

Yeah, sorry, it seems obvious now that you meant “modal”, but I couldn’t initially get past trying to make sense of “model”.