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“Leaving the world in better shape” is one of the six traditional family values in the U.S., according to Daniel Yankelovich.

What does exactly “leaving the world in better shape” mean?

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Mai Tram

Taking care of the world so that it is a greener, cleaner, better place to live.

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Mai Tram

Thanks Mai Tram for your question and thanks Beeesneees for your answer because I have not idea about it, this is first time about this information.

What about the other five values? Ca you bring those here?

If an American wrote it, it also probably means that the world should be a better place for people, with less persecution and more equality and justice.


In “Values and Public Policy”, by Daniel Yakelovich, six of eleven points are classified as “clearly traditional”:

  • Respecting one’s parents
  • Being responsible for one’s actions
  • Having faith in God
  • Respecting authority
  • Married to the same person for life
  • Leaving the world in better shape

Dear Beeesneees and Jamie,

I am sorry as picking the phrase out of its context. Here’s the short paragraph which contains the information. Therefore, I will be glad if you give me some more details of it. By the way, could you explain the fourth value, “respecting authority”? Whose authority in the family does the writer mentioned?
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