AM versus ARE/ ME or I

Which one is correct?
1.Neither he nor I am going to London.
2.Neither he nor I are going London.
3.It is me Or It is I.
4.Let you & me go to the river oR Let you & I go to the river.
Please Teacher Sharp kindly
Yuor thankful

Number 2 is correct. The phrase, “neither he nor I,” is the same as “neither of us.” Because “us” is plural,you would use “are”

You are correct in using “I.” A good trick for determining whether to use “me” or " is this: just simplify the sentence to: I/me+verb+direct object. For example, in your sentence, “let you and me go over the river”---- Does “me go over the river” make sense, or does “I go over the river” make sense? Does that help?

1.Neither he nor I am going to London.
in case of sentences which contains neither…nor verb follows nearest object & here it is I so
am will be used.
3.It is me. In a sentence there should be one subject & one object. Here It is subject so me a objective form of i will
be used.
4.Let you & me. after Let objective form of pronoun is used.