Am I in trouble? I'm about to take the SATII Chem.

I’m about to take the SATII Chem and I just noticed that the book I’ve been using, Barron’s 6th edition, was made in 1998! Am I in trouble? Does the SAT change very much in a few years? I noticed a lot of things missing in this book that were in the textbook, but is that just because the SAT is more general?

No, the SAT doesn’t change dramatically insofar as I’m concerned. I’m sure your Barron’s book, although out of date, can help you a great deal. Moreover, Barron’s is famous for “exam prep” of any type. Though, It would definitely help to get another, more recent book. By the way…when are you taking the SAT II Chemistry? If you took your exam this morning, “good luck to you”. Hopefully, the Barron’s book has taught you important tips for taking the test.