always telling truth is the best choice ?

Topic: Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship among people

Some people think that telling the truth is of considerable importance to relationship among people, reasoning that people can completely rely on each other to develop the bonds. Others claim that it is not necessary to always tell what actually happens and that white lie, in several cases, benefit many people. I definitely believe that telling the truth is not the best choice in all situations. The reasons are based on the following aspects

The most important reason is that telling lie may save people’ lives. Many researchs have shown us that good psychological health does have positive effect on patients. For supporting examples, one need look no further than my friend’s case. He got a desperate illness and the doctor said that he could not survive for long enough. His parents, however, told him that his health was on the road to recovery. As a result, he felt happy and ate all food and took drug the doctor prescribed. After one month, his health was improved significantly and the doctor said that he may leave the hospital in two months. Therefore, telling lie has brought about my friend’s survival and fostered his family cohesion.

Another reason is that not telling the truth can maintain a good friendship. Friends often spend time and they often exchange ideas with each other. If we take any friends’ viewpoints seriously all the time, it may do harm to the relationship. For example, I and my friend go to clothes shop every week and she frequently asks me if the clothes she want fit with her or not. Of course, I know that she really wants to dress up to participate in fascinating parties and I should not curb her willing; sometimes, I tell her that the clothes really work with her though it is not really of a good value in reality. These unharmful lies do not cause any serious results but bring us closer.

In summary, telling the truth will not always afford people the best choice to maintain relationship. Lie, if is used appropriately, will serve as magnet that make people closer and tighten the relationship. Therefore, people should sensitive enough to the truth in order to keep their network of people stable and broader.

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