along with

Hi tutors,

I need your help again with “along with”. What is right: Along with the theater I went to the cinema or I went to the cinema along with the theater?


what is wrong with good old “and”?
I went to the cinema and the theatre.

Failing that, how about ‘as well as’? As well as the theatre, I also went to the cinema.

‘Along with’ doesn’t really work for me in these sentences, especially in the second example.

Hi Thredder,

Then where is it used?

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Hi Remula,

You can’t really use ‘along with’ in your sentence because it suggests that the theatre accompanied you. In other words that you and the theatre went to the cinema.


Thanks Alan. It would be very funny, if I had used it :slight_smile:

But pls explain me how I can use it…

Thank you beforehand