All versus Both

Dear teachers,

My teacher wrote on the black board:

We all both arrived late.

Do you think this sentence is correct?
(Normally, “both” refers to 2 things or people, “all” refers to more than 2 things or people. So, why can they be together?)

The sentence: We both all arrived late is corect?


Hi Quoc

I’d consider both of you sentences to be wrong.
You should write either:

We both arrived late.
We all arrived late.


Hi Quoc,

Was your teacher having a joke when he wrote this? We all both ??? - very strange indeed.

I would say We both arrived or The two of us arrived

I’m fascinated with why you teacher writes funny things on the board!


Maybe the teacher wrote or meant to write:

“We all/both arrived late.”

Perhaps Quoc could enlighten us. I think we should get to the bottom of this.