"all the way down" in the village


People heard the cry all the way down in the village.

I guess the meaning of the sentence is that the cry was heard clearly in the village. I’m wondering what ‘down’ means hear. Does it imply the location of the village is actually lower than where the cry came? What does “down” mean? I’m curious.

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It does not necessarily mean it was heard clearly, only that it was heard. The real meaning of the sentence is to say that it was heard at a very long distance. Hearing it at the village gives a reference to how far away it was heard.

It was heard so far away that you could even hear it at the village.

Down probably means at a lower elevation in this context. However down does not always mean elevation.

Down town - means the city center.
Down the street means on the same street and fairly close.


Thank you for your attention, NearlyNapping! Your comments are always helpful.

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Here is another example that shows that ‘down’ can have so many meanings: The bathroom is just down the hall.

That is the same as just down the road.

Walk down the railroad track.
Walk down the beach

Led Zeppelin
And as we wind on down the road

Bob Dylan
I’m a-thinkin’ and a-wonderin’, walkin’ down the road

The Eagles
Well, I’m running down the road trying to loosen my load

You get the point.

The next one is a little different. It means all along or something similar.

Gerry Rafferty

When I wanted you to share my life
I had no doubt in my mind
And it’s been you woman
Right down the line

You can also say, “walk down the line” which also means along, except it’s a line of people, cars, etc

CCR - this is a variation of down the road/street.

Down on the corner
Out in the street

Down and out - meaning depressed

I’m down with that - Modern slang meaning you are OK with doing it.

Get down - old hippie slang meaning to dance enthusiastically.

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Not to forget the phrasal verb “to go down” as in “How did the meeting go down?”

This also has a sexual meaning.

Another song

Grateful Dead
Wait until your deal come round
Don’t you let that deal go down