All My QAS tests Free for all members !

I give all My Qas free for all member for this forum !
I have:

  • all ACT !"from 2003 to 2012 "
    *New SAT from 2005 to 2013
  • Old SAT from 1994 to 2005
  • Subject test

All of those free and for complete list contact me if interested !

Email :

Please see posts in other threads and exercise caution before becoming involved with “Qases.”

The post above is a sham, simply an attempt to gather email addresses. “Qases” does not have what he claims to have, and if he sends you anything, it will not be “free.” Once “Qases” has your contact information, he will bombard you with endless harassing messages from various different email accounts, demanding money, materials, etc.

The best person to trade with is Seagull !
He is very onest !!
I dont knw why he told that about me but i can give you ones’ email to show you that all of them are happy with trading me !!
Thnx seagull !

@seagull, you never replied!!!