all is/ are


Question 1:
A: Are those songs done by you?
B: All is/are done by me.

Which is more appropriate in this context?

Question 2:

Both is/are possible?


Generally, one wouldn’t ‘do’ songs:

Are those songs written/composed by you?
Are those songs sung by you?
Are those songs played by you?

All of them are composed/written/sung/played by me.


Regarding question 2, I wonder if the word ‘both’ is usually followed by is/are ?

‘Both’ is plural, so would be followed by ‘are’. In your message you are asking a question so inversion is necessary:

Are both possible?

Yes, both are possible. / No, both are not possible.

I see.

There’s a saying: All is vanity. In this case, why is “All” followed by singular?

All = everything as one, including nothing that cannot be counted in. :slight_smile: