The Aliens.

It came in the night. No-one knew where it came from.

Two little boys delivering newspapers had found it in the early light of a cold December morning.

They had approached it, but wisely decided that it was best left alone.

The first adult on the scene was the local Policeman. He had been about to finish his shift when he was summoned by the two breathless little boys.

“Please Sir, there’s a spaceship on the green,” had been their first words.

The policeman shook his head and smiled;
“OK lads, I’ll check it out. There weren’t any aliens there too were there?,” he laughingly asked.
The little boys both earnestly shook their heads,
“No, but there might be some inside it,” they replied in unison.

“OK, well you two get along and finish delivering your newspapers, I’ll see to this important matter,” said the constable.
The two boys sped off on their bicycles.

He walked slowly across the damp grass in the general direction that the boys had indicated.
It was becoming more misty even as he walked, and it was growing colder.
He turned on his big torch because the mist was thickening.
He could barely see three feet in front of him.

I hope this isn’t a damned joke, he thought to himself, but he knew from the seriousness on the young boy’s faces that it wouldn’t be.

He was growing more nervous by the minute, and he entertained the thought of summoning more help, but wouldn’t he look a fool if it all turned out to be a joke!

He’d be a laughing stock in the Police canteen for years to come…no, better see it through alone.
It probably wasn’t anything real, just a prank by some older boys designed to scare little children.
He moved forward, but now much slower than previously.

“Bloody Norah”, it is a space ship!
He’d walked right into the side of it before realising it was there.
His first instinct was to run like hell and summon help, but then he thought of how pleased his wife and children would be to see his face in the newspapers, and him being interviewed on the television as the one who had first encountered the vessel.

He walked slowly around it, shining his torch up and down and across its surface.

It was exactly as countless others had described space ships in the past.
It was huge, smooth, and as far as he could see, without doors or windows.

It was eerily silent. No warmth or sound came from it.
What was he to do?

His head was filled with many scenarios, and all of them included his being hailed as an hero.

He leaned against the side of the vessel, and as he did, it “opened” and he was drawn inside by a huge vacuum of air.

The ship’s engines started, and the huge vessel rose majestically through the mist and accelerated toward the heavens.

His patrol car was later found empty, parked by the side of the road.
A huge search was mounted for the missing PC, but his body was never recovered in spite of the efforts put into the search.

Two small boys had insisted that the aliens must have taken him away, but of course this was dismissed as an improbability by the police.

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The Aliens …

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