aisles and gangways

Ferguson’s advice to fans
Go to the seat that you have bought
No blocking of aisles and gangways

  • Is there any difference between them? ( The Longman defines it as follows): gang‧way [countable]
    1 a space between two rows of seats in a theatre, bus, or train [= aisle]
    Thank you.

Like Alex, I’m more familiar with the one word,no hyphen version. I don’t believe there’s any difference.

Thank you, Beees. Nice to see the man’s name, if unpronounced, rings a bell for you.
Try hard as I can, still can’t get used to an English trait to repeat two synonyms one by one (as it was in the case). My guess, it adds a kind of diversity to the language, I would comfortably make do with just gangway/aisle though.
Would you mind elaborating?..

I believe that in sports stadium terms:
aisle - passage between the rows of seats
gangway - raised walkway

Here in America the only definition I have ever heard for gangway is the temporary bridge between a ship and its dock or quay. In the U.S. I think your gangway above would be called a walkway.