Agree with or agree about

Hi! I’ve read that we should use “about” agree when it’s followed by a subject. So can I say,“I agree about that sentence”? Or should I say, “I agree with that sentence”?


Thank you.


The most common use would be ‘agree with someone about something.’ If you agree with someone, it means you have the same view or opinion. If you agree about something, it is usually concerned with the function or activity or use of that ‘something’. You could say: ‘I agree with you about the use of the sentence in that context’, but it would be difficult to say either ‘agree with that sentence’ or ‘I agree about that sentence’ without suggesting to which function of the sentence you are referring.


'agree with somebody; agree to a proposal; agree on or about something; agree to do something’ These are some ways in which we use ‘agree.’ Best of luck, nanucbe