ages or aged

The researchers did a series of tests with children ages 8 to 11 at 12 primary schools in and around Beijing. … kills.html

Could aged be used instead of ages?
Thank you.

Yes. To me, “aged” is preferable.

Does the word “preferable” in your reply indicate that “ages” could also be used here? Thank you.

Like Dozy, I’d prefer ‘aged’.

Thank you, aaaaaabeeeneees.

aged from



I believe you could say: children aged from 8 to 11.;



I consulted three dictionaries and found no example using ages given.
aged Alan has two children, aged eleven and nine. © HarperCollins Publishers.
aged 1 adjective
aged 5/25 etc 5 etc years old aged 5/25 etc between Police are looking for a man aged between 30 and 35. The course is open to children aged 12 and over.
aged adjective
1/ [not before noun] of the age of: They have two children aged six and nine. volunteers aged between 25 and 40
OALD 7th
So I think it is safer to use aged .
I must say sorry to Beeesneees. I misspelt the name and could not edit my post to correct it.
Thank you all.

Don’t worry about it Hmtony. How people spell my username is the least of my concerns.
(As in the original quote, ‘ages’ can be used, despite the lack of dictionary examples, but it appears that most of us are happier with ‘aged’.)

I got it. Sincere thanks to Beeesneees.