Agenda vs. schedule

Hi, what is the difference between an agenda and a schedule? In my understanding, an agenda is more concrete and refers to a particular event such as seminar or conference while a schedule covers a longer period of time and is more like a calendar. Is that correct?
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Hi Andreana,

Thanks for your question. An agenda is essentially the topics to be discussed at a meeting, written out and sent to members some days before the meeting is held. It has also passed over into general conversation and it wouldn’t be unusual for someone to say on for example a day during a holiday to fellow holidaymakers: So what’s on the agenda today? in other words: What are we planning to do today?

Schedule would refer to the work timetable planned over a definite period. It could be work to be done for the day giving starting and finishing times/ a teaching programme from the teacher’s or student’s point of view. It could also refer to a major building project like building a sports arena/a motorway and so on. When we talk of a lot to be done, we call it a heavy schedule or if it’s got to be done quickly, it’s a tight schedule. If you are not keeping up, it’s referred to as behind schedule and if you have time to spare, then you are ahead of schedule.


Hello Alan,

You see this type of detailed explanation can’t be found in any of my dictionary so thanks a lot for all your support.