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Alan has written another great piece in which he explains why he hates flying but loves travelling by sea: Afloat?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: In the deep South[YSaerTTEW443543]

I’d like to know if swoop over is rhe right form to “say travel above a country”, or you mean that while you are traveling the plain is making risky movements.

"sit in a plane and look down (if the weather allows you) on all the countries you are swooping over, "

It indicates that you fly down to a lower height and move quickly over those countries.

It’s a kind of lifestyle I like to live feel free at all the time avoid oppression.

“A swimmer is free in the swimming pool”.

Float a project, plan or idea, you suggest it for others to think about.

The French had floated the idea of placing the diplomatic work in the hands of the U.N.

Milk float

Float around

A rumour or idea that is floating around is often heard or talked about.

You can also float something on a liquid.

I noticed hundred euro bills floating in the water.

Empty things float.

The white cloud of smoke floated away.

If a company manager float their company, they start to sell shares in it to the public.

I floated my firm on the stock market.

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They are borrowing just to stay afloat, not for investment.

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A ship is afloating in the water.

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A ship is afloat on the water.
A ship is floating on the water.

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Hello Everybody!
I never went on a cruise, but I would like to do it. Maybe I`ll do with my sister and her daugther. I just went to Mikonos (from Athens) on a big boat, but the trip was just like 5 hours of duration.

I loved the history!