Affordable SAT Math help

Please check the credentials of the person above carefully before parting with any money. This advertisement is not endorsed by

What planet do posters like you come from?

Yes, indeed, we’ll all get super busy posting “this announcement other places.” The world must know about this exciting opportunity! To work, everyone!

Have you gained permission from the forum owners to use this forum for such a purpose?
If not, your intentions are rather worrying, particularly as you intend charging for the 4th person onward.
The second sentence in the first message on this thread clearly states it is an email based program. You seem to be making things up to suit yourself as you go along.
How exactly do you intend running your program on this public forum?

If I were to require such help, then I would seek out a qualified tutor, not take the word of some fly-by-night Internet chancer that he has the necessary skills and ability to deliver, particularly as he cannot seem to decide how his course will be delivered. You should not be contemplating taking money off anyone if you are not qualified.
My concern is for the members of this website who might just think that because your post is here, you have all the necessary requirements to teach SAT Math.
If you are genuine, get the necessary tuition qualifications, then work locally and build up from there, instead of posting your adverts internationally on a public forum.

Important information to any forum members who are considering taking up Hodgeheg’s offer:
He says he has scored a high percentage (though of course we have no proof), he says he thinks he will make a good tutor. However, he admits he has no experience and no qualifications in this field.
He has not approached anyone about providing his tutoring services via this forum.

Apparently I am a ‘twit’ and an ‘a-hole’ for being skeptical and pointing this out. It appears that I should ‘die and go to hell.’