Advising and negotiation banks

Dear Sir

Please would you enlighten me what is the different between “advising bank” and “negotiation bank”? However, I understand that both of these names are merely being used in the business, especially when we’d like to mention to the seller banks.

Besides of that, I’ve also encountered with a condition or term on the contract which appears that " Analysis & Weights: Final at origin by independent lab & serveyor/terminal", another one is " Allowances 1:1. fractions in proportion", could you please explain to me what do they mean?

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Hi Kelly

It might be better for you to find a forum that specializes in import/export (rather than an English forum) for answers to your questions.

Regarding banks and letters of credit:
Here is a link to a glossary of terms for ‘Letter of Credit’

And some further links: … terms1.htm

“Analysis & Weights: Final at origin by independent lab & serveyor/terminal” --> I understand this to mean that there is some kind of analysis and/or weighing done at the port of origin and these cannot be changed or altered later (after the goods have left the port).

“Fractions in proportion” --> expressed as a ratio