Advertising is the only cause of unhealthy eating habits.

In a plural society,people have more than one access to obtain the latest news about what happend in every aspects of lives, inculding healthy food to eat.They may sometimes be confused by a wide assortment of information from different media.In light of this,we may be too opinionated to come to a conclusion that advertising is the only cause of unhealthy eating habits.We cannot blame advertisments only for leading us a bad eating habits.

First and foremost,it is ouselves that should bear the responsibility to afford to the adverse effects of unhealthy eating habits.Assuming that if we are cling to a salubrious diet,how can other factors perturb us? We need to have our own practice of eating habits,for example, no matter how busy we are we should spare even ten minutes to have our daily three meals.When we faced with a lot of attractive foods we must abstain ourselves from the fatty eatable,because they are the Pandora’s box of devastating our health.

Even advertisments have caused a unhealthy eating habits,should we say that it is the only ingredient that take full responsibility for our insalubrious eating habits?If the answer is yes,what about the manufacturer of the food? It is them who produce the food that damage our health.If they supervise every process in making food and guarantee the security of the food,how people’s health go from bad to worse?I have a good example to illustrate my statement,many newborns are the victims of the immoral grocers,because the milk-making factory add much food additive that lead to a immensely bad impact on the baies.The infants are suffered from some serious illness that even do harm to their future development.How can we deny that it is not the advertising but the food producers that should be condemned by our society?

On the other hand ,we should never gainsay the influences the advertising bring about to society.Along with the mounting mass media coming into our daily life,one are inevitably live under the interaction between ourselves and a large number of advertisements.Scarcely can we tell the reality of one advertisement,so advertising has to assume certain responsibility for our constitutional declination.In an era where companies were measured on every penny of profit that they managed to squeeze out,how can they attain profits to a farthest extent without using some mendacious means?Even if they may jeopardize customer’s health.

We can ,therefore, safely come to a conlusion that advertinsing is certainly one of the factors ,but not the only cause of unhealthy eating habits.We should abide by a nutrient way to develope a healthy eating habits.Thus we may not be agitated by advertising or some other dissemination.

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