Adverbs vs. Adjectives

Which is correct?

  • That’s real good.
  • That’s really good.
  • Both

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How good is your grammar?

Second one is the correct on, Isn’t :?: :idea:

I’m not supposed to tell here :)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Isn’t this a forum to discuss Topics with you guys, :?

thanks for passing any way :slight_smile:

Dear Poet, yes we can discuss any topic here on the forum - just let the polls run without giving the correct answer in advance. That’s the purpose of a poll - collecting opinions on a specific subject. We’ll give the answer soon…
Is this OK with you? Let me know…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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That’s an interesting thing. When do you end the poll and give the correct
answer to us?

Without the answer it isn’t so funny, because we don’t learn something. I prefer
that the polls run a certain time and than given the answer. Do you agree? It
might be a good idea to say how long the poll runs.

And the best reason to get the answer, I don’t like polls without a dissolution. :?

Best wishes
:twisted: teufelchen53

Sorry, Torsten, I didn’t read your last response. :oops:

Hi Teufelchen, you are right - there should be a time limit for each poll and yes, we’ll tell you the correct answer. Just give us a few days more, so more people can participate in the polls, OK?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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That’s okay and the best way practicing the polls I think.

Sorry, I didn’t read your contribution before I mad my respons. :oops:

I think ‘real good’ is simply a sloppy way of saying ‘that’s really good’. So, grammatically correct is ‘that’s really good’ but you will hear many people say ‘that’s real good’. It’s the same with the double negative I guess.

‘Double negatives’ - you mean constructions like ‘He doesn’t know nothing’? I think that’s regarded as incorrect but still so many people say it. Especially in pop songs you will hear such phrases and slowly it become standard, what do you think?

Interestingly enough there is the double negative in Russian and I heard that Shakespeare used to use double negatives too. Is that true?

I think they both are correct.
But “really good” is correct for British English and “real good” for American one.

if enough people use a phrase ( and especially if they live in another English spaeking land) then it becomes acceptable.
By the way Natalia’s phrase “He doesnt know nothing” is not normally used. What people really say is “Ee dont know nuffin” But I hope that will not become normal usage.

So, does this mean that the double negative is incorrect? I often hear people say sentences like ‘It doesn’t mean nothing’ or ‘They don’t have nothing.’. I know that in the grammar books it says you have to use ‘any’ with the negative but so many native speakers seem to ignore this rule. Maybe, it’s a British/American thing?

Hello Minor Thing,
Yes, that sentence is grammatically incorrect. It’s NOT CUSTOMARY to use a double negative - whether you’re in America or Canada. The sentences should be “It doesn’t mean anything” and “They don’t have anything.”
To use “That doesn’t mean nothing” is very slang (only for some people.) Very few people use that kind of slang and they actually know it’s grammatically incorrect but still use it.
A similar slang saying could also include “ain’t.” Again, this is grammatically incorrect - I’m Canadian and now I live in the States and I don’t hear that kind of ‘slang’ hardly ever.
I hope that helps.

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If I like something a lot, I say that’s real good.
If I’d like to recommend something and someone asks me about the quality of that thing I’d say “It’s really good”

Hi Torsten,
I’d really like to know the answer.
I hope You didn’t forget about this topic.
That’s why I updated it. :slight_smile:

Hi Spencer,

The grammatically correct version is That’s really good. (adverb + adjective) but you will hear That’s real good. really often.
So who knows, maybe in a few years this version will be considered as correct too.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Minor Thing,

Your question about the use of the double negatives raises not the idea of correctness but really of meaning. If someone says: I don’t know nothing, there could be different reasons for this. Possibly they so forcibly want to stress the idea of negation that they forget they have already used the negative in the first place. Maybe they do this through ignorance. Alternatively they are using this form for effect knowing that they are doing it.

I really don’t think this has anything to do with which brand of English you are using British, American, Indian, Australian, Spanish or whatever, it simply doesn’t make sense, have a logical meaning to use a double negative. Correctness isn’t really the point


Exactly, double negatives are illogical, but, strangely enough, they are very common in some languages like French or Spanish.