Adverbs of frequency in simple past in negative sentences

Hello everyone:

It is a pleasure for me to join this forum, I would like to ask you about this matter, I did not check if there is something about this but it is urgent for me to know.

So, is it possible to use the adverbs of frequency, in negative sentences, in simple past tense?

Ex.: I didn´t usually eat rice.
She didn´t sometimes go to school.
They didn´t always have a new book.

In case it can be possible, I also want to know if it is used in everyday speaking (or spoken) english.

Thanks a lot for your help.


It may appear in casual speech but seems quite odd when written.

Hi Juso,

There seems to be an awkward clash between a frequency not happening and it not happening in the past. The only way round it seems to expressing this idea is to describe a sort of frequency rather than use the simple adverb. You could therefore say:

I didn’t eat rice on a regular basis.

She didn’t go to school on certain occasions.

They didn’t have a new book all the time.

But thanks for an interesting question.


I would like to thank you both: Mr. Micawber and Alan for your help about this difficult matter.

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