Adverb Help (I have been missing you by not speaking/talking)

I am trying to translate a sentence from my language to english but I am not sure about the adverb. My sentence is:

“I have been missing you by not speaking/talking” Is this ok? If not what should i use here as adverb. Thanks…

Hi Volcano

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say, but it seems to me that you might mean this:

I miss not talking to you. / I miss not being able to talk to you.

[b][i]Yes probably it doesn’t make much sense but i meant:

“I have been missing you silently” So what can i use here instead of “silently”

How about “I have been missing you without speaking” ? [/i][/b]

‘I have been missing you silently/in silence/secretly’ sounds more natural, in my opinion.

How does one miss someone aloud? ‘Missing’ is an inner sensation.

Just want to make sure we have the same interpretation of these sentences, Amy (they’ve been going round and round in my poor head :slight_smile: ):

If missing is regretting the absence of someone or something, here’s what I understand them to mean:

I used to not talk to you or to not being able to talk to you. But now, I miss that, because I do talk to you. In other words, I wish I didn’t talk to you.

Of course, we know now this isn’t what Volcano meant.

Oh no! Here’s another thing for my head to work on…


I have ben missing you inwardly -

Any good?


Thanks for your suggestions.This is also good.But I wonder if i can give the same meaning in the poem.Think a love and someone who does not speak anymore because of he lost her.So he has only been missing her “adverb”.I asked how about “without speaking”.Can i use “without speaking” as adverb here.Because if we ask how he has only been missing her,answer is “without speaking” is it suitable here?

He has been silently pining.

(Perhaps for the fjords.)

Thank you Mister Micawber

“My half has remained on you”

“My half has stayed on you”

Which one is correct ?

Sorry, but neither statement has any meaning for me, Volcano. What are you trying to say?

Tell me wherever you are now
My other half remained on you
I can’t live if you don’t come
My tomorrows remained on you

I have used here

Can you tell me in conversational language what the poet is trying to express? In the first place, past tense (‘remained’) doesn’t seem appropriate. What other half? She is his other half? His future depends on her?

It express that after she left him he says that she took something from him like his heart.Other half= half of body or smt like this,she is not his other half here.His future depends on her? Yes…

Then perhaps something like:

Let me know where you are now–
half of me remains with you.
I can’t live if you don’t come:
my tomorrows live in you.


yours is better Mister Micawber thanks by the way “remain on you” is not correct which i used before ?


Well, all I can say is that it sounds odd-- it sounds like a catsup stain.