ADVERB definitely: I definitely will be late today

Dear teacher,

Please read:

a.I definitely will be late today.
b.I will definitely be late today.
c.I will be definitely late today.
d.I will be late definitely today.
e.Definitely I will be late today.
f.I will be late today definitely.

What is correct? All are correct? Is there a rule?


What do you think, Quoc? Has your teacher already given you a rule?


Dera teacher,

She said this adverb is normally putted before the main verb, but she told all are acceptable. So, I understand nothing.


Hi quoc,

To my knowledge, adverb is placed (1) [color=blue]before main verb, (2) [color=blue]after verb To Be, and (3) [color=blue]after the first (modal) auxiliary verb.


(1) I definitely come late today.
(2) I am definitely late today.
(3) I will definitely be late today.

Just some ideas


Hi Quoc

Jupiter has given you some good rules. Well done, Jupiter. :smiley:
(But the first sentence should be in a future tense: (1) I will definitely come late today.)

Regarding Quoc’s sentences:

  • (b) is correct and is the most “standard” or “typical”

  • (a) is also acceptable as an alternative to (b)

  • © sounds odd. (Is your teacher trying to stress the word “late”?)

  • (d) sounds odd. (Is your teacher trying to stress the word “today”?)

  • (e) also sounds odd, but might be possible if you place a comma after “Definitely”. The word “definitely” would then sound like an agreement with or verification of something someone else has just said.

  • (f) also sounds odd, but might be possible if the word “definitely” is separated from the rest of the sentence and added as an afterthought (i.e., additional punctuation necessary)

I find it hard to believe that an English teacher would tell you that you can put the word “definitely” anywhere you like and leave it at that. :?
Does that mean that when you have a test, your teacher will accept the word “definitely” anywhere in every sentence? :roll:


I Quoc, your certainly know that the past participle of put is put? I’m sure you have learned the irregular verbs at school?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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