Adjectives for Colors


I would like to know two adjectives, apparently opposite in nature, for the noun color.

1- For colours which come off easily,I mean, which are not strong:---------------colors.

And, of course the opposite. The colors which hardly come off: ------------------colors.


hardly come off?

A friend of mine is a designer/architect; they use the term ‘lasting colour’.

You can talk about color as being fast which means the color is resistant to destruction or fading

Is that what you mean, Tom?


Amy, would fading dye be the opposite in this case?

Yes, That what was I wanted! What about the opposite?


Hi Tom

The best I can do is:
colo(u)rfast / non-colo(u)rfast
permanent / non-permanent

Another synonym for colorfast is indelible and the opposite would be delible. However, this would usually be used if you are talking about ink rather than dye.