Adjective Noun

Could u explain me about adjective noun? I’m still confuse with it. Thanks

Hello Alicya,

Which do you mean?

Adjectival Noun: An Adjective can sometimes function as a Noun; the young, the rich, etc. These are Adjectival Nouns, meaning the people who are young, the people who are rich, etc.

Noun as Adjective: We can use a noun as an adjective when it comes before a noun that it modifies; a mountain bike is a bike designed for riding up mountains. ‘Mountain’ functions as an adjective modifying the noun ‘bike’. We use these for well-known things, some can be hyphenated and some are written as one word.

I meant adjective as a noun. Example quietness condition

Your example doesn’t exist. See my example about mountain bike.

So my example was wrong? Hows with sadness girl?

Hi Alicya,

The two words you have mentioned ‘quietness’ and ‘sadness’ are abstract nouns. They are related to the two adjectives ‘quiet’ and ‘sad’. It is possible to make an abstract noun with some adjectives - great becomes greatness happy becomes happiness silly becomes silliness and so on but the words become nouns and are not adjectives.


Thanks all…