"adaptation to" and "adaptation with"

As far as I know “adaptation to” and "adaptation with"are both correct from grammatical point of view, but I don’t know the different usages of them.

They’re both fairly self-explanatory.

“Adaptation to” means to become acclimated to something or to change something to fit something else.

His adaptation to the new work environment was swift.
We are adapting the play to film.

“Adaptation with” means to use as a means of adaptation.

We completed the adaptation of the play with experts and actors from its original run.
He achieved the adaptation with careful observation of the workplace culture.

It also, of course, can mean to adapt along with something or someone else.

So “Adaptation with condition” has to be true. ?
What about this sentence:
…non-adaptation with the Caspian sea water …
and what about this one:
…adaptation of 10gr fingerlings fish with salinity of 8…

I don’t understand your new question. Also, please post those sentences in their entirety.