Adapt my email please I want correct the expression and grammar


Hell everyone
I want to send email to University including enquiry. Please correct me the expressions.
To whom it may concern,
I intend to study a ph.D. At the … university.
I graduated from Masters degree in 2014 from USA. While I drop out from Ph.D. last year in British.
My question about admission is:
Should I study English /bring ILTES or the year I studied at Brish could work?


Hi, It might be better if you typed out the entire letter and so we could give you specific advice on how to optimize your letter. That being said, I will correct the expressions you have written

To Whom It May Concern, {capitalize the whole salutation}
I intend to [pursue] a [PhD] At the … [University].
I graduated [with a] Masters degree in 2014 from [name of university]. While I [dropped out of my Ph.D. program] last year in British. {This is not a complete sentence. Also, “in British” does not make sense - British is an adjective. Finally, “I withdrew from my PhD program” sounds more flattering}
My question about admission is: {ok, but I would not use the colon - “My question about admission is, what English proficiency tests are acceptable?” }
Should I study English /bring ILTES or the year I studied at Brish could work? {This sentence does not make any sense. Maybe you mean something like “Should I study English for a year and then take the ILTES test, or is it sufficient that I attended a British university for a semester?”}


Frankly, I’d say a person who commands such a standard of English as this is not eligible for pursuing a PhD programme which warrants the submission of thesis in English.


i done the master from USA IN 2014
then I started the phd in british but i drop out.
now i want to full new application in Australia university.
usually australian University has a condition for students who is not a naitive english speaker which is ( must not have 2 years from done graduated year)

so I done in 2014 which is about 5 yeasr. does the year ( 2017) i studyied in British enough to cancel this condition?
i hope it is clear.


thank you for your reply. and i hope you help me with some step to improve my writing


Hi, it is sort of clear. I would say it like this:

I completed my Masters degree at a US university in 2014. Then I began a PhD program at a British university in 2017 but withdrew after one year. Now I would like to apply to a university in Australia. Most Australian universities require their applicants who are not native English speakers to have earned a degree from an English-speaking university within the past two years. I graduated in 2014, which is about five years ago, not two. Does the year I attended university in Britain fulfill the English requirement?

Personally, I agree with Anglophile. Whether or not you currently qualify to apply to university in Australia, I think studying English by taking a formal course will help you achieve your goal of getting a PhD.


The question is if a PhD is really something that will make you happy.


Thank you for your correct
And thank you for your suggested
I have tried to improved my writing. The problem is the reader does not understand what I wrote.


I hope so. Thank you