accent evaluation

Hi everyone!

I’m Abanoub. I really want a native speaker to listen to my message and give me a feedback. I’ve been trying to improve my language for a long time, but I didn’t have the chance to practice English with a native speaker. So, I recorded a short paragraph from Ernest Hemingway’s “A VERY SHORT STORY.”

Waiting for your evaluation and advice.


One hot evening in Padua they carried him up onto the roof and he could look out over the top of the town. There were chimney swifts in the sky. After a while it got dark and the searchlights came out. The others went down and took the bottles with them. He and Luz could hear them below on the balcony. Luz sat on the bed. She was cool and fresh in the hot night.

Dear All
i realy want a native if here some one ,can help please kindly send me email as below

mohammad arif

Hello Abanoubchrist,

The most important thing about speaking is that you are understood. A heavy accent might stop others from understanding what you are saying, but I’m happy to tell you that these was no problem with your pronunciation, other than the word ‘swifts’.
Generally, you were accenting the words in the correct places. You seem to be trying to develop an American accent.


Your best chance of getting support from a native speaker for your question is to post it in the forums.