Accelerated Learning Trick with Pimsleur

I was talking to some people who are learning experts and I was telling them the different languages I was learning and I do alot of it by audio mp3s. They said that the human mind can process 400 words a min (auditory) and we speak about 60.

So I got the idea to get a program to speed up sound files. I used cooledit pro. I think windows media player does it but not as fast. I loaded 3 lessons into the program and sped them up.

I walked away with 90mins of knowledge in 30mins of time with almost 100% comprehension.

It has really sped up my learning because before I would not want to sit through 90 mins of audio and now it only takes 30 so I am actually excited to learn.

Anyway thats a trick I use to learn faster, I hope it helps!

The only problem with your method is that you are only training your passive understanding, and not your speaking ability. The reason Pimsleur programs go at the pace they do is that the learner needs time to work through the pronunication and train his reactions in different speaking situations. Your sped-up method won’t do anything to enhance your ability to speak the language, even if you understand it all.

How do you do this exactly? I have cool edit and could not figure it out.

you can use vlc player (free payer) and just speed up the playback speed.

I rip the sound files onto mp3 and play them on my laptop, Im the complete oposite to the OP in that I have to pause the audio, and work it out in my head, say it and then press play to hear the answer.

Im a bit of a perfectionist and dont go onto the next lesson unless I’ve got it 95% right,