Could you help me to improve this piece of translation for my friend’s thesis in Economics. I translated it from Ukrainian, but being not an economist I doubt it is correct. Thank you in advance.


Dissertation is dedicated to the complex of questions, connected with approaches to defining and principles of organization of economic security of retail enterprises of corporate networks. Understanding of the concept “economic security of retail enterprises of corporate networks” is specified for this purpose, composition of functional constituents, factors and sources of threats to economic security of retail enterprises of corporate networks are defined. The system of indecators is determined and the methods of complex evaluation of economic security of retail enterprises of corporate networks are improved. The mechanism of providing and ways of improving the organization of the process of ensuring the economic security at retail enterprises of corporate networks are suggested.
Keywords: economic security, retail enterprises of corporate networks, functional constituent, sources of threats, system of indecators, evaluation methods, mechanism of providing, ways of improving the organization.

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I have changed your paragraph as below. There is one thing I remind you that, you should not put many words “of” in a sentence. Instead of doing this, you can change them into group of adjective and noun. If you feel complex with my correction, then post your query at this thread.


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Economic dissertation is a research of answering the complex questions in economic principle, economic organization, and economic security. Understanding this concept can help to specify the purpose and composition of constituent functions. In addition, it also helps to define the factors and sources of threats in economic security, retail enterprises, and corporation network. Besides, the economic thesis can helps to determine the systems of indicators and improve the complex methods of evaluating economic security and others. By the way, the mechanism of providing and improving the economic security for retail enterprises and corporation networks are also suggested in the economic dissertation.

Thank you a lot, Kim Sa! I have no idea what they research in Economics, but your version sounds better than mine.

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