About the use of anything and everything


I read on a magazine “you can bet on almost ANYthing”. But wouldn’t it be correct to say “you can bet on almost EVERYthing”?

Thanks in advance. Ciao!

It would be a less usual expression, but it’s not impossible.

Hi Mr Francis,

This isn’t a question of correctness because the choice of ‘everything’ refers to all things and ‘anything’’ suggests all things as well but adds the sense of anything you can possibly imagine.

Beeesneees and Alan, thanks a lot.

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Thanks to all …
anything & everything
He did not know anything. i.e. he knows nothing.
he knows everything. i.e he is aware.
anything = nothing. i.e. any source or any field or any word ( anyone of them)
everything means the whole i.e. includes all and there is nothing is excluded.