...about some film star

This is a fragment from a text-book:

“Katie and her friend were sitting in the back seat talking to each other about some film star. I think it was Orlando Bloom,” recaller Mr Hampton. “I made some comment about him, I don’t remember exactly what…”

Shouldn’t it be ‘about a film star’ and ‘a comment’ rather than ‘some film star’ and ‘some comment’?

Hi Pechorin,

You could of course say ‘a film star’ and ‘a comment’ but the use of ‘some’ in this context is a shortened form of ‘some film star/comment or other’. This suggests that the speaker doesn’t remember the name exactly or indeed precisely what he said.

Here is an example:

I read in some book (or other), I don’t really remember the name of the book or the author, that there are birds that can fly backwards.