about how usage of "persist in" and "insist on"

I have been told that “persist in” tends to the meaning of keeping doing something and “insist on” tends to the meaning of keeping opinions. But sometime I find there is cross between the both.
There is example following:
North Korea insits on causing trouble.
then I think “causing” could indicate the reality action, so it could use “persist in” to replace when I want to point out some events happened. am I right?

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Sometimes ‘insists in/on’ means ‘persists in doing something’. This is especially the case when the ‘something’ is peculiar or odd.

you mean I am right to replace like that?

You can, yes.

and my reason for replacing is also right?

Hi Iamok,

There is a subtle difference between ‘insist on’ and ‘persist in’. ‘Insist on’ has a positive sense suggesting determination to do something or having others do something as in: Strict parents insist on their children doing their homework every evening. ‘Persist in’ indicates something negative as it suggests continuing to do something despite opposition or disapproval from outside as in: Although strict parents insist on their children doing their homework, many children persist in disobeying their parents and never do their homework.



I follow you, There is a probable main fact of active( negative or positive) in it. But in my given example, North Korea doing things must be negative for writer(a American).so why the writer use ‘insist on’ that you said could be positive.