ABC Temple members

Two decades ago, ABC Temple members were relocated to a Propagation Centre while waiting for the construction of ABC Temple. (The ABC Temple had not been built yet.)

As the temple had not been built yet, can we use ‘ABC Temple members’ in the above sentence? If not, how should it be phrased?



Is ABC Temple an organization or the building?

It sounds like an organization that existed before the new building and held its meetings in several different locations over time. Also, “Propagation Centre” looks like a specific place and so would take “the”.

“Two decades ago, ABC Temple meetings were relocated to the Propagation Centre while waiting for the construction of the current Temple building.”

Of course, you may have a different term for “meetings”.

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It is ‘ABC Temple meetings’, not members.

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If the meetings were relocated, that means they were held somewhere else before. It also means there is some kind of group who met. Does the group have a name? If so, the name of the group could be used instead of the name of the temple.

I think it’s OK as it is though. The reader will understand that the new temple did not exist yet. They will easily understand who it refers to.

Also check the article for Propagation Center.