A zoo has no advantage

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Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A zoo has no useful purpose. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Zoos around the world justify their existence through three goals: conservation, education, and research. That is what the zoo wants you to believe that what they are doing is right but the reality is completely different. A zoo has no useful purpose. Here are the following three reasons.

First and foremost, the zoo does not teach us anything. Teaching visitors about wildlife is the worst lie offered by the zoo. The only thing visitors see is the sad, depressed animals with restrictive life. Most visitors only spend a few minutes looking at information about the animals they see. Even if they wanted to know more, this was not possible because the board contained only the animal’s name, diet and living conditions. The daily activities of animals in the wild are not often mentioned because their lives are only surrounded by four walls. Many species live in groups that are often separated to keep alone or more in pairs.

In the second place, the zoo does not really help conserve animals. Many zoos have claimed that they have a great responsibility to protect endangered species. However, most species kept in zoos are not on the list of threatened. Most zoos adopt common animals. Keeping wildlife in a cage cannot be called a help. If zoos want to save animals from extinction, the first thing they need to do is protect their habitat instead of putting them all in “jail”.

Thirdly and the most importantly, zoo is imprisoning the freedom of the animals. What do the animals in the zoo want? This is very easy and we don’t need to consult any research to find it out. They want to be free from captivity. Whether they are born in captivity or freely, wild animals want to live in an environment where they can perform a variety of behaviors that are specific to their species.

To sum up, I support the idea that a zoo has no useful purpose. It does not teach us anything, does not really help conserve animals and is imprisoning the freedom of the animals. We need to let animals live in natural and comfortable environment.


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