A suggestion to all u gre aspirants!

hi guys!!

As u all know I got a score of 1360 in gre. All the credit goes to the american education aids. I ordered their material which contains 12 books each book devoted to a separate section with 115 sample issue responses and 90 argument responses. Believe me its worth it! All questions are from past 20 years of gre. U can have rigourous practice with those questions and u dont need any other book…not even princetons and barrons and the like. They also provide u with 10 tests (3 paper and 7 comp based tests).

Check this site aea.in.

They are highly responsive. U’ll get a reply on the same day u mail them. (not like GREBIBLE!!!) Infact, if u want to contact them, its better to mail them than calling them up as the phone is picked up by the staff. Emails are replyied by the administrator himelf. And the best part…if u have any doubts, ask him…he’ll be able to clear them out on the same or the next day!!

Trust me!! They are really good!!
(It costs around 3700 and u’ll get the material 2 days after u’ve paid them…ask him for his accont no…i paid them thru credit card though they havent mentioned it on the website…its safer than a draft as suggested on the site)

Money wont matter if u get a good score which u’d surely get!!! So go ahead!!

Good luck!!


hi jayashree

am new here,i just started my gre prep.now am concentrating on verbal part. when should i give the gre for fall 2006 admissions.is end of december late for fall 2006 admissions?

pls suggest good vocab building software that can be downloaded free.

do you have grebible.com full version

anil mathew

Hi Jayashree,
Thanks for telling me abt AEA.
can you tell me how long you took to complete the material?

guest dude/dudant

:twisted: abour AEA -sometimes you gotta look at da world form different
perspective, i prefer buying fish from the market,not go fishing myself to the sea,in your case all i can say is let good sence prevail,you must be kidding yo say AEA is nothing,cosidering the money u will have to shell out on coaching may be who knows how many attempts,
and happy fishing…