A Smarter Crow?

We feed leftovers to frequent crows around our house.
I don’t like people much.
But I love animals, most of them.

Yesterday, I had lunch with fried tiny dried fish. Which was a bit hard to bite.
I feed crows when I eat through my kitchen window.
Which means we usually eat together.

I gave him some of that fish. First, he ate them as it is. Then, he glanced at me and dipped some fish in the cup of water that we put for him on the window frame. And he looks happier to bite the softer fish.

Oh dear, a crow can be smarter than some human?

kind regards.

When I give a piece of hot chicken to my cats, they cool it down with their front paws, before gulping it down. I think animals are some what smarter than humans, & these days more human. :slight_smile:

You know Katty,

We used to keep stray cats. When I first fed them eggs- the cat simply lifts the egg by the mouth and drops it on the concrete floor, and have a good time.

kind regards.

I lost my loving pet ‘Lacy’ a few days ago. He was poisoned as we suspect. ‘A barking dog never bites’, but the thugs and thiefs are not believed it.

My children wept him over that made me too.

Sorry for the loss of your pet Lacy. It is also very difficult and traumatic for your children losing their pet. Pets are such a good friend and emotional support. They are honest and kind to us. Because of their unconditional love, we are so attached to them, so it is natural to feel overwhelmed by feeling of sadness and grief when they are not with us any longer.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss.


My deepest sympathy for your loss, my friend.

Man become more animal when animals become more man.

kind regards.

Dear KK,

unconditional love.

Where did you find this phrase. Cute.

kind regards.

In memory of “Lacy”.

Thanks Ms.KK and Mr. Lwin for showing your gratitude and love to our ‘Lacy’.

Never before had I realized so affection to a dog which I felt a few days ago.
Before his death, we were not aware that how much we loved him. How much candid,
loyal, and trustful he was!

I am doubted whether we can find among out many of the human creatures. In our absent, someone laid him under the sand forever which we didn’t believe whether it was he!

For confirmation, my wife and I removed some sands and saw his one portion of beautiful head that was enough to shrink our heart. That sent a shiver down our spines!
How cruel the people can be???

Salute, “Lacy”, good bye for ever, but we are sure we must meet with you at the paradise of heaven! God bless you as a magnificent creature sometime more than so called two legs, Bye.

We feel we lost one of our loving children, who says you are a dog ‘Lacy’? Please forgive me as I should have more conscious to save you. Do you know ‘Lacy’ my two of eyes are now wet? Good bye.