A small chit-chat

Hi mates ! how is everybody??
I don’t know how to start but i think we need such a topic in the forum
so if you want to practice your English through chating with us here … u r welcome :smiley:
just feel free to add whatever comes to your mind 8) …

so waiting 4 u mates:wink: …


Hi Besho0o,

I like your sentiment but not your English! How about writing it again?


How about now?
I’ve changed my odd words :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Besho0o

Your idea is great and I noticed that your English is pretty good too. What you have not quite understood yet is the purpose of our forum. Most of our users want to know how they can improve their English. While it’s perfectly OK and acceptable to “chop the English language” in your private SMS or in Internet chatrooms or even on forums, we’d rather you stick to basic spelling and punctuation rules on our forum. In other words, we don’t want want any of the chat room or SMS language here on the forum because that would add to the confusion of our users.

I’m sure you will understand.
Many thanks,

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My mind says to me " Why you are waiting that friend"?

I said because I realy miss him and like him…

Hi Hyder,

What do you mean by ‘Why you are waiting that friend’? Do you want to say ‘Why are you waiting my friend?’ or maybe ‘Why are you waiting for your friend’? or ‘What are you waiting for, my friend’? Also, what do you mean by ‘realy’? This word does not exist and you can either mean ‘relay’, ‘rely’ or ‘really’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

I’m really sorry for that :oops: .I know I’m using lots of SMS language, it’s just my way on using computer.Anyway, I promise to stick on the forum rules :smiley:


Hi Besho0o,

Thanks a lot for your support. You know, if a learner of English comes to our forum they usually have a specific grammar question or they want to know how they can speed up their learning process. Now, if they browse through the forum and see things like ‘u’, ‘r’, ‘wanna’ etc. they think that this is the way to write. This means they are likely to develop the bad habit of using SMS language all the time. Then when they want to write a letter of application or any other important document they will have a hard time switching back to normal English.

As a matter of fact, they might not even beware of the differences because they picked up all those ‘fancy’ things on an ESL forum. So nobody shows them how to write a letter correctly and as a result they won’t get that job or whatever their goal is. The vast majority of our users don’t just want to chat. They want to improve their business English language and communication skills.

That’s why it is crucial we stick to basic language rules just as it is important to stick to basic business rules if you want to become a successful entrepreneur or business professional.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi again,
What you wrote is 100% true.You know, I’m laughing at myself now because when I first started to use my English, it was very formal “books language”. :oops:

So how and where did you learn English?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Besho0o again.

What are you doing today?I still for your answers.

I’ve been learning English since I was five-year-old. Actually my parents wanted me to have a good education so they started to teach me basic and simple words. And when I was eleven, I lived for a month with a British woman ,who was living in my home town, to acquire the language from her, but I didn’t get it very well except the accent. And then I started to read books and stories in English to improve my language skills. And when I was 16, I took a course in Saudi Arabia. I was in the first level because I was little weak in grammar. And after finishing with my high school, I studied in the English language and literature department. After I finished with my second year, I spent the summer in New Zealand where I took a course . I was in the advanced level and I got a very high score that I took 6 out of 7 in the all skills .And now I applied for a university in Australia to complete my higher education in translation and interpreting field. But you know, it’s very difficult to keep the language for so long unless you use it everyday. And that’s why I’m trying my best to use it as much as I can because I believe on that “if I don’t use it, I’ll lose it” .

Hi Nassser,
Actually, I want to go and buy a book . But I think it’ll be very hard to go to the bookstore since I’m living in Makkah “Mecca”. You know, It’s the pilgrimage month and the city is very crowded.
What about you?