a short passage. Please help me to correct it.

  1. When I was a student. Every day ( each day ), I ate only one bow of rice. However, After graduating from university and starting a new job, I ate so much (too much), three bows of rice. Even once, up to four bows of rice ( or rice bows), but I still feel hungry and want to eat all the time. So I understand that when I was in university I did not have to worry about anything, except learning. Now, when beginning a new life without friends and relatives around, I have to care of myself and hold on all things without any help. Poor me, in a new land in which I can develop my career but I know I have to face many troubles before gaining ripe fruits. At present, I lose my weight. Anyways, I will try my best to overcome all difficulties. I realize that life doesn’t seem the pink as I ever imagine. ( I mean “the pink” is a life with many nice things).

Thanks Luschen very much.

I mean " I am losing my weight" that because of hard life so I lose weight. At time, when I was a student, I did not to worry about money and cost of life, and so on. However, Now I am independent from my family I have to take care of myself.