A short description of the patriarchy

An excellent description of how the patriarchy works…

So, patriarchy is like a man having his boot on a woman’s neck.

Feminism is women asking that the boot be removed.

Men’s rights activists think that having their boot off a woman’s neck is some sort of ‘reverse oppression’.

Conservatives figure that there was never a problem with the boot being on the neck until the woman started complaining about it and everybody would just shut the f*ck up everything would just be fine.

Good guys take any complaint about the boot as a personal attack because not all men wear boots.

Male Allies try to discuss the issue in a way without alienating the boot.

Women with internalized misogyny don’t know why these other woman are complaining about the boot being on their neck, they love having the boot on their neck and there’s something wrong with the women who complain.

Meanwhile, the boot stays on the f*cking neck…

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