A request for mr. torsten

The first time when I visited this forum I read something that hit home, It was about someone talking about the possibility that a teacher could correct us when we do mistakes when writing. And the answer from mr. torsten had to deal with the fact that we should learn a new language as kids do. And also that if were to take a test there would be nobody to help us and so on.
My request now is: could you pls. go a little further on this subject? or is it possible to get to read it again, I mean because it is not posted any longer. I’ve been looking where I read it and I have not found it yet.

P.S. I really like to read it again to print it.

I`ll apreciate it thanks.

Hi Rich7 (by the way, why did you choose this nickname?),

Thanks a lot for following our discussions - I remember which question you are referring to and the thread is definitely still online but I have to look for it. In the meantime you might want to take a look at this post:

If I understand you correctly, your question is how we can improve our writing skills ourselves. Well, what about the following method: When you want to express a thought you should try to find appropriate lexcial items in texts that have been produced by other people. Let’s take the word combination «to make a mistake». If you are not sure whether it is «do a mistake» or «make a mistake» you can turn to Google: Put the phrase «do a mistake» into quotation marks and see what comes up and then do the same with the phrase «make a mistake». Compare the results. Draw a conclusion as to what might be correct English.
Let me know what you think.

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hi again, mr. Torsten I found the thread very nourishing but no, it wasn’t the one I was referring to. now that I remember you recommended to check this: (antimoon.com).
Ring a bell?
I really reaaaally apreciate it.

P.S. rich is short for Richard (my name) and 7 is my lucky number used* for most MLB. center fielders.

  • or should I say worn.

Hi Richard,

So you are an MLB player, do you still practise? As for the thread you were looking for - thanks for the Antimoon hint, I’ve done a search and this is what has come up:


Let me know what you think and talk to you soon,

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thanks, this is the one I was referring to. and no I’m not a player though I play softball and I’m a MLB fan.