A Question about the Californian Vineyards

Hello, Alan, Torstan,

No, I didn’t forget to ask this in my previous message, but this is a totally different question. You see, a friend of mine is such a fan of the the American television series ‘Falcon Crest’ that he decided to make a website about it. Now, if you know the story, you know that it is about an Italian wine making family who emigrated to the Tuscany Valley a little after the American Gold Rush. ‘Falcon Crest’ only starts when the second or third generation of the Giobertis rule the valley headed by the ‘mater familias’ Angela Gioberti, Channing (played by Jane Wyman, ex-wife of Ronald Reagan). Now, my friend wants to add a swf.file banner saying ‘They kept the legacy alive’. Is that correct?

Kind regards

Sounds all right