A problem with topic reply notification?


I sometimes do not get topic reply notifications. Does anyone know why?

Hello Happytofita,
You are right. Only 5 last unique users in one thread become an email notification.
We have get a lot of complaints from our users e.g. from this thread: A big hello to all new members!
Many of them (hundreds) won’t to get any notifications from here. But technically it’s possible only by these restriction (5 last unique users).
I can change this value on 6 or 7.
Please suggest me your limit for this fall.
Many thanks


It is OK. I just wanted to understand why. I think what you did is good.

Thank you.

: o)

And I was wondering what happened to those frequent notifications :slight_smile:

Only active listeners would get updates :wink:

By the way, is anyone know, why the link from newsletter is not working? If I receive a notification from newsletter about a topic with a new reply, when I click the link then it will appear “the topic doesn’t exist”, so I must made a search on the forum search above. Is this just happen to me?

Hey Mss Teakay.

It think the problem you have addressed is just a universal, because of I have also the same problem that you saw. so we requesting from the web managers of “English-test” to tackle this problem.


Hello Mr Hajji,

I see. I think that was just my problem.I hope the web manager can do something with it :slight_smile: