A positive word for "hangover"


I know that hangover is a bad effect after too much of alcohol, sort of splitting headache.

My question is :

Could we use this term (hangover) in a positive sense?
For example, If I take a sleeping tablet and feel very good even after getting up, maybe because when I am up I could feel its light and beautiful effect on me…to cut a long story short, I need a term for this effect which makes me feel very good! :smiley:

How about?

The trance of the sleeping tablet in the morning?
The charm of the sleeping tablet in the morning?
The mild hangover of the sleeping tablet all through the day?


Tom, I’m sitting here scratching my head and asking myself what sort of sleeping pills you guys get over there in Pakistan. :lol: :wink:

When I think of how I might feel if I got out of bed still feeling the effects of a sleeping pill, the first word that comes to mind is groggy. In other words, not really completely awake and/or alert… and not able to function or think very well. None of the words (or feelings) I can think of would be particularly positive or good (at least not when awake and trying to do things…).


OK! Let me rephrase my question, Amy.

After listening to a good piece of music or reading a beautiful poem…one remains for some time " under the beautiful effect" of that poem or song etc. What term would you give to that good effect? Would you ever treat hangover as a positive effect?

Living in the hangover of the poem/ song…

What about the three choices I gave in the first question in this thread?


Tom, if you ever had had ‘the effect’ really, I think, you wouldn’t have started the topic :slight_smile: :lol:

Tamara’s got a good point there. Have you ever actually had a hangover, Tom? :wink: I suspect you haven’t … otherwise you wouldn’t try to connect that particular word to something nice. :wink:

Getting back to your rephrased question, I’d probably look for adjectives to describe a wonderful feeling:


And elated :smiley:

Hi Tom;
As far as I know you couldn’t use hangover in a positive way because it is opposite its meaning. In Cambridge DICTIONARY it is an adjective and means:
Feeling ill with a bad pain in the head and often wanting to vomit after having drunk too much alcohol.
That was a great party last night, but I’m (feeling) really hung-over this morning.

I hope I helped you as much as I can. Wish you the best bud.


Yes, bara, but don’t you think that it’s possible to use this word in a figurative sense with a positive colouring? :lol:

You can ask Amy or any one of our moderator here for that :wink:

But want to hear your opinion! :lol:

Can I add bexalted? (from exaltation)

Is that “b” intentional or a typo, Tamara? :lol:
I mean, I know there are a number of interesting English words beginning with “be-”, but I’ve never heard of “bexalted”.

bewitched? :smiley:


just exalted :slight_smile: