A poem for my friends.

I’m so good at telling others,
'Bout mistakes that they have made.
But I’ve made more mistakes than you,
I never even made the grade.
So I knuckled down, determined,
That I would show them all.
Nose stuck to the grindstone
Back against the wall.
I swotted till my eyes grew tired,
I tried to learn it all.
But eventually I realised,
There was no need at all.
So I simply did the best I could,
Just what came naturally.
And before I knew what happened,
I’d made a place for me.
So here I’m giving lessons,
To the others who would learn.
No more swotting textbooks,
No more midnight oil to burn.
Yes I found out the easy way,
It was in me all the time.
And all I ever had to do,
Was put my thoughts to rhyme.
So I penned a hundred stories,
The thoughts came thick and fast.
And every single one I wrote,
I thought that “this won’t last”.
But every day the words were there,
Ready to be written.
It seemed that they would never cease,
With writing I’d been smitten.
So I wrote them down, both good and bad,
I didn’t really mind.
When no-one ever commented,
At least it eased my mind.
So I let the words bring inner peace,
The anger to becalm.
Now when I go to bed each night,
I sleep so deep and warm.
No longer worries haunt me,
They’ve vanished, like my past.
So I sit here and type away,
I’ve found my place at last.
For writing is my forte,
The thing I do the best.
And although I never will be rich,
I’ll always do my best.
To help others, any way I can,
You’ll never ever seem a pest.
You’ll find I’m always here for you,
I’ll help you if I can,
To help you make your dreams come true,
Old Kito’s is your man.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

“You’ll find I’m always here for you.” is really very moving. I also want to have friends whom I would like to do the same thing. May you have a happy life.

Many thanks for your kind words Yatou.

“Strangers are friends that you haven’t spoken to yet.”


I’m not into poem, but the words above are very nice :lol:

Beauriful ! cause friendship is a priceless that cannot be bought or sold!

So Kitosda, we’re friends now, isn’t it?
I’ll be very happy if you would treat me as a friend.