A person you know is planning to move to your town or city...

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Topic: a person you know is planning to move to your town or city; discuss the advantages an disadvantages he or she can find in your place

Moving out to a new place implies analyzing a lot of thing in order to find the pros and contras of the choices available; if one friend had my cities among these choices, I would persuade him or her to come to my city by explaining all advantages and disadvantages that can be found in my place; as every city mine has a lot of advantages and disadvantages; among the advantages is worth to mention that my city has a beautiful nature surrounded by lot of amazing places; at the same time it has a vibrant economy with lot of job opportunities; on the contrary, I should also mention the negative points like it is not that good when it comes to talk about culture, with little cultural choices and that the inhabitants are quite reserve which makes it difficult to find new friends.

first of all, my city surroundings are so beautiful; withing 30 kilometers you can reach both the Pyrenees and that Cantabric sea; it means that my city offers a lot of choices to enjoy the nature both in summer and winter; as the coast is quite close, lot of people can enjoy beautiful beaches that have nothing to envy to those located in the Mediterranean sea; during winter time, there are several places for skying with quite big skying stations; all this means that there is no time to get bored because there is a lot to do at the weekends in all seasons.

At the same time, my city has a vibrant economy based on the industrial sector so there are a lot of high qualified job opportunities specially for well prepared people; in fact lot of people come from other cities to work here; as the economy is quite healthy there is a high standard of living;

on the other side, as mentioned before, I would say that the cultural choice is the weakest point of my city; there is just one theater, a couple af museums and during the year just a few live concert takes place on it; other cities, even not as big as mine has much more choices when it comes to enjoy the culture; latelly the local government have been taking care of this situation but there is still a long way to go. Moreover, iI would warn anyone coming to my city that its inhabitants are not quite friendly; people here are not very open-minded and it is quite difficult to meet new people; I noticed this when I went to study one year abroad and could see that people in the other city I chose to go were more willing to meet new people; this is not a big deal if you know someone who can introduce you to new people.

In conclusion, I think that the advantages of coming to live to my city clearly overweight the disadvantages; there is a lot of work to do to make my city more enjoyable culturally speaking but the government is taking care of this; it is quite clear that in order to make a decision my friend will have to evaluate whether she or he likes more the nature or the culture.

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