A penny for your thought

I did an ENGLISH level test on line. The result came out 66/68 but it did not say what’s wrong with my answer. Here are the two questions whose answers I’m not sure of. Can you help me please?

That’s the_____ of my worries, it’ll never happen.
A. fewer
B. less
C. last
D. least

_____ thinking that he would win the lottery.
A. There was no use
B. It was no point
C. It was no use
D. It was usefulness.

Personally, either A or C is right? In B., we should have IN to complete the expression?
Here are some others questions from another test:
Rewrite these sentences so they mean the same as the first.

It makes no difference if the play is full booked, we will still try to get a ticket. (We will still try and get a ticket)
They had to wait 2 hours before the meeting began
( Only after a)
The house was so run down that nobody would buy it
(They had such)
I had better go to the dentist’s soon

Thanks a lot.

Hi, Theresa

I can help you with your first sentence, it should read like so:
That’s the least of my worries, it’ll never happen.
Mind you, you can also replace worries with troubles.

Hi Alex,

Where did you learn the phrase ‘it should read like so’? I think the phrase is ‘it should read like this’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Two concert agency employees discuss tasks to be done for upcoming show.[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi, Torsten

Well, I took it from my dictionary. The dictionary says that it means exactly the same as “like that/this”, and there is also an example: Cut the apple up like so :slight_smile:


‘Like so’ rings a bell for me but I can’t be all that sure about its legitimacy in a sentence explaining how something should be read/interpreted. I think you hear it most in demonstrations say of cookery on TV or when someone is showing you how to operate a piece of machinery as in: You press this button here and then turn the red handle like so. In summary I would tend to use it more for manipulations of some sort.


Hi, Alan

Thanks for your clarification ! It’s as clear as day :slight_smile:

I had to convince myself that there was something wrong with the scoring system since I did choose LEAST but still got no point for that answer. So no one could help me with the other questions?

Online English tests sometimes contain errors, Theresa. Where did you find the test questions? Have you tried asking your questions there?

I did the test on this site : www.englishjet.com
My friend and I did the test again this afternoon and we got 68/68. We did change one answer. We chose LEAST and IT IS NO USE for the two questions. Nothing is absolute, and this is a case in point, I guess.
Thanks, anyway.

Hi Theresa,

Have a look at this from that site:

What about that?


I agree with ‘least’ in your first sentence. However, the sentence itself is a comma splice, and the second half doesn’t make a lot of sense to me without some kind of further context to justify or explain it.

'It is no use doing something’ is a commonly used expression.
I have also heard people use 'There is no use (in) doing something’. The word ‘in’ is sometimes used and sometimes omitted.

None of my answers above were deemed to be ‘correct’ either. :roll:

They must be very disappointed because I will never take any language courses. I can’t afford them. Moreover, I’d rather pick up a language bit by bit on websites like this one. I’ve been watching this site on and off for quite a long time. I read all the articles related to culture shock, British versus American English. I’ve been writing diary too, but my writings are full of mistakes, for sure. I just wonder why we have lots of ESL websites, cafes on line but none in reality. Can we?

Thanks, Amy, for the rewriting questions. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. My answers were:

Only after a two-hour wait, …
It’s advisable that
They had such a run down house…

My English is getting rusty. By the way, my name is Thu.


It’s nice to meet you, Thu.

Your confusion and frustration with that test at englishjet is a perfect example of why I am so vocal about editing the tests here at english-test.net.

By the way, the expression you used as the title of your thread is usually worded this way:
‘a penny for your thoughts

After reading this thread I wonder what ‘‘That’s the_____ of my worries’’ means. Forgive my stupidity ,please help me!

Hi Duc,

That’s the least of my worries has the idea that this is something not worth talking about/worrying about because I have other more serious problems. So someone whose house has been flooded and where all the furniture has been destroyed might well say: That’s the least of my worries in response to a question like: And are all the plants in your garden all right?


Hi Duc,
I think you may like to have a look at this again:

Amy wrote: