'a' or 'the'


Could you please check if I have used the articles correctly?

  1. There was not a single cloud in the sky and we could see the stars.
  2. They say that the Arabic language is particularly difficult for Europeans.
  3. People were in a hurry to get home before dark.
  4. Last summer the Browns went to the country.
  5. He was born in a town on the south of Wales.
  6. He is a pride of our school.



I have highlighted the corrections:

  1. He was born in a town in south Wales.
  2. He is the pride of our school.

1-4 are fine.


He was born in a town in South Wales.

Thank you, dear teachers, for your time and great help.
Could you also correct these sentences?

  1. These traditions play a more important part in the life of our people than in other countries.
  2. A dictionary is a book which gives you the meaning of words.
  3. We spent a few days at a very nice hotel by the sea.
  4. He had breakfast at the hotel in London.

Many thanks

They are all fine.